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Become a Member

The CLT is a membership organisation.  You can become a member by purchasing a minimum of one, £1 share and signing the membership form.  Membership is open to all residents of the parish who are 16 years and over, and those who work in the parish or who have a close connection to it. Membership provides you with a vote.  It is one vote per person.  You will be able to vote on matters such as; who will be appointed to the Board, 


Contributions, questions and input from the community are very welcome.


Please read the Membership Terms and complete the membership form if you would like to  join.

Become a Board Member 

The day to day business of Georgeham Parish CLT is carried out by the Board of Directors.  Directors are members of Georgeham Parish CLT who are usually elected to the Board by its members.  They are volunteers with a local connection to the Parish.  


Any Member of Georgeham Parish CLT can apply to be a member of the Board.


Here you will find the application form.


Here you will find the Willingness to Act as a Director Form. 


The application form can be completed and sent to the Secretary at the address provided on the form.  The Secretary will arrange for the application to be considered by the earlier of the next:

  1. General Meeting of the members of Georgeham CLT; 




   2. meeting of  the Board of Directors, provided there is capacity on the Board.

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