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Current CLT Board

 The current Board Members of Georgeham Parish Community Land Trust are:

  • Tina Luxton – Chair

  • Martin Robathan – Treasurer

  • Jane Young – Secretary

  • Directors:

  • Ky Cheal

  • Jon Gething

  • Ruth Rowe

  • Mark Hagley

  • Peter Griffiths

Board members are usually appointed by majority vote of the members of the Community Land Trust at its Annual General Meeting.  If a person is co opted to the Board by the Directors before an AGM then that appointment must be approved by majority vote of members of the Community Land Trust  at the next AGM.

At the moment there is an opportunity for other members of the CLT to apply to the GPCLT Board to be a director.  


Contact us if you are interested to hear more or wish to apply to become a board member.

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