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Land Off Newberry Road

An opportunity to create genuinely affordable housing for local people 

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Key Points

 19 New homes comprising a mix of 1, 2 and 3 beds that will be available for social rent

A lettings policy prioritising people with a housing need who have
 a strong local connection

New community green space:  play area and allotments

Energy efficient - designed by Architects, SE3D specialising in houses built to passiv haus principles

Land for the new homes will be provided to the Community Land Trust by local land owners who will obtain planning permission to build 2 houses themselves on a section of the field that they will retain

This is a non-commercial development where the Community Land Trust partners with a housing association (Aster) who will fund the build largely from grants received from Homes England

There is no right to buy so the homes will remain for social rent in perpetuity.

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The plans for the new housing can be found in detail on North Devon Council's planning portal for the planning application and include 3 d impressions of the houses, the site layout plan and proposed landscaping.

There will be a substantial biodiversity net gain owing to the creation of new hedgerows on site and the provision of green areas including allotments

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Have your say on the plans

The planning application has been submitted and can be viewed on North Devon Council's planning portal 

The planning application number is 78142.


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A fresh start and injection of new life for the community

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