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What do the markings in Georgeham Play Park and on Newberry Road mean?

The markings indicate a layout for access to the proposed new houses for local people that Highways have indicated may have their support.

The GPCLT Team are trying understand what the impact of this would be in practice, if this proposal is adopted.

The white flags are the proposed new road edges to the south of the green playing fields.

The blue markings are a new proposed entrance/ visibility splay from the play park and also the access to the site from Newberry Road. The surveyor said this was not easy to mark out as most of the proposed new layout would be where the hedge bank next to the playing field is.

The orange markings are the realigned footpath in the play park.

It is hoped that this makes more sense of the markings, that you will see if you go up to the Play Park to have a look.

It looks like the proposal takes very little from the playing field itself but does require the removal/moving of a large part of the bank.

The entrance to Newberry Road from the site is also moved further north so that there is a flatter length as you emerge from the access from the proposed site onto Newberry Road.

The GPCLT Team



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