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Thank you for your feed back :-)

A big thank you to the many people who came to one of the membership and community consultation events in July 2023 and provided feedback or raised queries on the plans for the proposed new homes in Georgeham.

The feedback provided and queries raised will be really helpful in finalising the design and formulating the approach to submitting a planning application, which is the next stage.

There is still time to look at the Plan and provide feedback - if you go to the Projects section of the website you will find a PDF document file that contains the indicative plan in better detail than on this blog.

In the meantime the Team will now start going through the feedback and queries raised. We are conscious that more thought and detail is needed for the next stage and before the end of the summer holidays we will be producing a FAQs sheet which will hopefully address many of the queries and comments made during this preliminary consultation process.

Thank you once again for your comments and suggestions they are very much appreciated.



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