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Festive Greetings from Georgeham Parish Community Land Trust

Updated: Dec 10, 2023


Just a brief up date to let you know that:

  1. The CLT has sent a report to Georgeham Parish Council that is due to be considered at their next council meeting at 6pm on 14 December 2023 at Georgeham Village Hall. It concerns safety improvements involving the section of Newberry Road that runs alongside Georgeham Playing Fields and that southern boundary of the Playing Fields. Should planning permission be granted for the proposed affordable housing for the Parish, safety improvements would be required to the north side of the road. The Parish Council meeting is open to the public and you are welcome to attend.

  2. The vast majority of feedback received on the indicative plans for the Georgeham affordable housing project, that were the subject of community consultation last summer, was positive.

  3. The Team continue to work on the necessary documentation to support the planning application for that affordable housing - taking into account the many constructive and pertinent comments received in that feedback.

  4. It is anticipated that the planning application will be submitted to North Devon Council after Christmas - so please watch this space.

  5. The CLT will publicise the application once it has been submitted North Devon Council planning department

In the meantime "seasons greetings" to all and fingers crossed that the New Year will bring permission for the much needed genuinely affordable housing for local people in the Parish


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