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AGM 28th April 7pm

We hope you are keeping safe and well in these uncertain times. In view of the impact of Covid19, we cannot hold the Annual General Members’ meeting in person. However there is certain business that the Society still needs to conduct, within a limited time frame, to fulfil its legal obligations.

A decision was therefore taken by the Board of Directors, to hold a virtual Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 28 April 2021 at 7 pm via Zoom. The purpose of the virtual meeting is to address regulatory issues which involve input from the Society’s members.

We have emailed all members with a pack of information for the AGM. This includes:

  1. Formal Notice of the Annual General Meeting. You should be able to join the meeting by clicking on the Zoom Link provided at 6.50 pm on Wednesday 28 April 2021;

  2. If you are unable to attend you can appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf and there is a form in the information pack to complete and return to action this. Please return this form to the Secretary (Jane Young) at the email address provided or deliver it to the address given at least 7 days before the meeting commences;

  3. An application to become a director. If you wish to be considered for appointment as a director to the Board in the Meeting on 28 April 2021 please complete and return this form to the Secretary (Jane Young) before 5 pm on Wednesday 14 April 2021 and your name will be added to the list of proposed directors on the Agenda and the Proxy Form and circulated to all the members. Alternatively you can complete and submit this form at a later date and the Board of Directors can consider the application at their next available Board Meeting.

It is a pity that we will not be able to all meet up in person on this occasion. Hopefully an opportunity will arise later in the year to meet up and see the progress of the Society in its aim to provide genuinely affordable housing for local people living or working in the Parish. In the meantime we will keep providing up dates in the Crydda and through other appropriate channels including our website. We welcome your input. If you have any particular queries please do not hesitate to contact us using this email address


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